On sisterhood, solidarity and self-empowerment by Deborah Gabriel

On sisterhood, solidarity and self-empowerment by Deborah Gabriel

Because of sisters who came before us, we are free

To challenge the Eurocentric mentality,

We’re free to express our frustration, we’re free to complain

As empowered women, our resistance will never wain.

From a Black feminist standpoint, we analyse and critique,

Through sisterhood and solidarity, we expose the mystique;

We unpack the mechanics of raced and gendered discrimination, micro-aggression and victimization,

Together we share strategies for survival and success,

Through narratives of our experiences we bear witness.

Our aim is not only to promote solidarity,

But maintain the tradition of activism, so other women can achieve.

So I thank you my dear sisters for your courage, strength and honesty,

Your inspiring words, your wisdom and your loyalty,

They help to keep faith and hope alive so that we can all continue to thrive.

Taken from ‘Inside the Ivory Tower: Narratives of Women of Colour Surviving and Thriving in British Academia  All Rights Reserved


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Dr Deborah Gabriel

Deborah Gabriel has spent the last decade as an award-winning academic, achieving recognition both for her educational practice and research. She is currently based at Bournemouth university, where she lectures across degrees in politics, advertising, public relations and marketing communications. Deborah specialises in social justice pedagogy and critical race pedagogy and her teaching is taught from a critical race/gender standpoint. She is the Founder and Director of Black British Academics and undertakes consultancy supporting institutions in enhancing race equality across academic, operational and educational practice.

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