Content Promotion

Given our reach among ethnically diverse audiences both through our subscribers and across our social media channels, we are routinely asked to provide advertising services or to promote content by organisations seeking to increase diversity.

Services We Do Not Provide

  • As a non-profit entity solely concerned with achieving our Mission, we do not advertise on this site.
  • We are a self-funded network, bearing the full costs of maintaining this site, alongside our social media channels. It has taken several years and thousands of hours to develop the intellectual, social and cultural capital, reputation and standing associated with our community. Therefore we do not offer FREE distribution of jobs, openings or offers targeted at diverse audiences (including requests for speakers) as we are NOT a free diversity database.
  • Please note that public speaking is only undertaken where wider organisational/institutional initiatives to tackle racial inequality are already in place, and where an honorarium is paid .

The Service We Offer

  • Where proposed content is consistent with our Mission and values, we offer promotion of relevant, ethical content through a process of co-creation to produce an article of around 300 words with a link, which is published on this site, emailed to our newsletter subscribers and promoted across our social media channels. The article remains on this site permanently.
  • Please use the contact form to enquire about our fee for this service.


“I’ve had a great response to the call on Black British Academics and…colleagues in various fields…are all very pleased with the initiative.”
Natalie Foster, Senior Publisher, Routledge Taylor & Francis