We are a global community established in 2013, working to enhance equity and social justice in higher education and society. Our work is project-oriented, consultancy-based and transformational. Our Story

Our Mission 


  1. To enhance the voice and visibility of people of colour working in higher education.
  2. To highlight the contribution of people of colour to the knowledge economy.
  3. To transform the institutional culture in higher education.
  4. To shape policy and practice around educational equity in higher education.
  5. To build intellectual, social and cultural capital within our communities.
  6. To contribute to equity and social transformation in society.


How We Operate

  • As a self-funded, independent community we bear the full operational costs of maintaining this website, social media channels, marketing, content creation, strategic communication, the time and effort involved in developing and harnessing social capital, and community-building.
  • We do not offer ‘free’ promotion of jobs or services targeted at diverse audiences, so please consider using our content promotion or consultancy services.
  • We operate as an independent, global community of academics and people of all ethnic backgrounds who aspire to be agents of change.

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Protecting Our Intellectual Capital

Our Black British Academics logo is a registered trademark with the Intellectual Property Office under trademark no. UK00003429981. All content on this site is copyrighted and we will seek legal redress for any infringements, appropriation or unauthorised use of our content.

Fake Sites Warning

Black British Academics was established in the UK by Dr Deborah Gabriel in 2013 and has no connection whatsoever with companies that may have registered similar domain names outside the UK. Please do not click on any of these sites as they are fake websites established for fraudulent purposes. This website registered in the UK is the only genuine Black British Academics site. For further information and advice about cybercrime contact:
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Business Address

Black British Academics,  Unit 63664, PO Box 6945, London, W1A 6US (please find contact details on the last page of our media pack).