We offer consultancy services, delivering innovative strategies to enhance educational equity, inclusion and diversity. Our services are beneficial both to public and private sector organisations and our projects are transformational and developed around a social justice agenda. Our work in higher education includes research to support educational equity, transforming education practice through the 3D Pedagogy Workshop for staff and 3D Pedagogy Workshop for students. We also develop and deliver unique projects tailored to the specific needs of institutions and organisations.
Current/Recent Clients Include:
  • University of Portsmouth
  • University of Kent
  • Ravensbourne University
  • Lancashire Law School, University of Preston
  • University of the Arts London (UAL-TEF-Provider-Submission pg 13)
  • Leeds Beckett University
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“With her expertise and reputation in race equality and social justice, Deborah Gabriel was exactly the right person to undertake this role.  Feedback suggests that she engaged well with our people who had confidence in her integrity and facilitation skills and she produced a very thorough and well referenced report.  I found Deborah to be a professional and enthusiastic colleague and would recommend her to any organization wanting to engage with their staff in this way.”
Katrina Tilbrook, Former Equality & Diversity Manager, Leeds Beckett University.
Consultancy Reports
Gabriel, D. 2017. Strategic Review of Equality & Inclusion at Ravensbourne UCA. London: Black British Academics. 
Gabriel, D. and Richards, A., 2017. London College of Fashion Race Equality Evaluation Report. UAL/Black British Academics
Gabriel, D. and Richards, A., 2016. London College of Communication Race Equality Evaluation Report. London: UAL/Black British Academics.
Gabriel, D. and Richards, A., 2015. Ravensbourne UCA Race Equality Evaluation Report. London: UAL/Black British Academics.
Gabriel, D. 2015. Culturally Democratic Voices: Perspectives and Experiences of Racialized Minority Staff at a UK University. Black British Academics.