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Media Diversity Institute July 2020

BBC Radio Solent Interview June 2020

Radio 5 Live Interview June 20

Guardian June 2020

Huff Post June 2020

UCL IOE Press June 2020

Times Higher Education June 2020

Research Professional June 2020

Media Diversity Institute June 2020

Research Fortnight October 2019

Kazi Radio August 2019

BBC TV News Dec 2018

BBC Radio Berkshire Sep 2018

Times Higher Education April 2018

The Voice February 2018

Times Higher Education December 2017

Guardian November 2017

BBC Radio Derby November 2017

BBC Radio Derby November 2017

Guardian November 2017

Times Higher Education May 2017

Guardian February 2017

The Early Hour January 2017

Independent January 2017

Times Higher Education November 2015

Independent April 2014

BBC Radio Derby October 2014

The Voice September 2013

Independent August 2013

Guardian July 2013

Chronicle World July 2013

Independent May 2013

Independent April 2013

Media Relations

We aim to interact pro-actively with the media, offering analysis and perspectives that support our MissionJournalists should contact individuals for their personal viewpoint on specific issues as we do not circulate names of persons for interview. Please provide as much information about the subject when making enquiries so that we can determine whether we wish to comment on a news story from a collective standpoint. Note that we prefer not to engage with the media in a reactive manner on sensationalised or trivialised stories about ‘race’ that do little to educate the wider public.
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