Whiteness and Privilege Inside the Ivory Tower

Whiteness and Privilege Inside the Ivory Tower

It’s so unjust that because of my race,

Whiteness and privilege pollute my space,

A space in which I strive to promote equality and liberation,

To challenge oppression and domination,

But instead whiteness and privilege pollute my space,

I am violated, disrespected and lied to my face,

It threatens my sanity when whiteness and privilege deny my humanity,

Though a proud, strong woman I stand, this institutional space is toxic and sour,

Inside the ivory tower.

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Dr Deborah Gabriel

Dr Deborah Gabriel is the Founder and Director of Black British Academics, specialising in race, gender, culture, media and communication, and a consultant in educational equity, diversity and inclusion.

One thought on “Whiteness and Privilege Inside the Ivory Tower

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    27th October 2017 at 1:47 pm

    Love this! Captured so much of what we experience on a daily basis. Thank you 🙂


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