Whiteness and Privilege Inside the Ivory Tower

Whiteness and Privilege Inside the Ivory Tower

It’s so unjust that because of my race,

Whiteness and privilege pollute my space,

A space in which I strive to promote equality and liberation,

To challenge oppression and domination,

But instead whiteness and privilege pollute my space,

I am violated, disrespected and lied to my face,

It threatens my sanity when whiteness and privilege deny my humanity,

Though a proud, strong woman I stand, this institutional space is toxic and sour,

Inside the ivory tower.

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Dr Deborah Gabriel

Deborah Gabriel has spent the last decade as an award-winning academic, achieving recognition both for her educational practice and research. She is currently based at Bournemouth university, where she lectures across degrees in politics, advertising, public relations and marketing communications. Deborah specialises in social justice pedagogy and critical race pedagogy and her teaching is taught from a critical race/gender standpoint. She is the Founder and Director of Black British Academics and undertakes consultancy supporting institutions in enhancing race equality across academic, operational and educational practice.

One thought on “Whiteness and Privilege Inside the Ivory Tower

  • 27th October 2017 at 1:47 pm

    Love this! Captured so much of what we experience on a daily basis. Thank you 🙂


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