The policing of women of colour in the academy

The policing of women of colour in the academy

For women of colour I developed Ivory Tower

As a political mission to give voice and empower

Sisters like me who struggle for equality

And to be respected within the academy,

It seems that no matter how hard we toil in our universities

We’re subjected to unjust levels of scrutiny

Which amounts to a form of interrogation, policing, and yes, intimidation

This is not acceptable I have to say, we’re not criminals, you see

We’re academics whose contributions to the knowledge economy

Should be valued within the academy

So collectively we unite, my sisters and me

To challenge this inequality and reclaim our humanity

A necessary act of resistance, since because of our gender and our race

Whiteness and privilege marks our space

By Deborah Gabriel

Permission granted to share and reprint this poem with credit to the author and with link to the original URL

The policing of women of colour in the academy

Dr Deborah Gabriel

Dr Gabriel is a leader in race, education and social justice as the Founder and Director of Black British Academics. Her intellectual work is interdisciplinary and broadly focused on the dynamics of race, gender and culture and the relationships between race, power, privilege, and inequality. As a consultant, she specializes in strategic approaches to equity, diversity and inclusion centred on social justice and transformation.

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