SUBU BME awards celebrate student of colour achievements

SUBU BME awards celebrate student of colour achievements

The SUBU BME awards is a student-developed initiative that aims to celebrate student of colour contributions and achievements at Bournemouth University and is a positive step forward in transforming the institutional culture into a more culturally democratic space. 

The 2017 awards delivered an evening of entertainment and celebration with two choirs, a musical performance, dance performance and performance poetry. It was great to see the contributions that students of colour make towards “enriching the world” being recognised – if only within the student union. While it was nice to see one or two colleagues, it was a pity that university leadership was not there to share the experience .

BU still has some way to go to creating a more inclusive, equitable and culturally democratic environment and addressing racial disparities like the attainment gap. So when students take a giant step forward by developing strategies to create inclusion, these achievements should be more widely recognised and acknowledged across the institution.

I was proud to be there to celebrate student success and to present the award for Academic Excellence to three outstanding students: Ikram Asghar, Claudia Amoah and Sharon Nyangwe.


Dr Deborah Gabriel

Dr Deborah Gabriel is the Founder and Director of Black British Academics, an equity, diversity & inclusion consultant and academic in race, media, culture, gender and communication.

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