Black Sister Network

Our Principal Aim is:

To empower Black and Brown women within and beyond academia. 

Our Mission:

  1. Building solidarity and engaging in collective activism.

  2. Developing strategies to overcome exclusion and marginalisation.

  3. Undertaking research around race and gender using critical approaches.

  4. Exploring and articulating our experiences through counter narratives.

  5. Developing initiatives to enhance our health, well-being and happiness.




Recent Posts

Ivory Tower Poem: On Sisterhood, Solidarity & Self-Empowerment

Audio of Dr Gabriel reading her poem ‘On Sisterhood, Solidarity & Self-Empowerment’ from Inside the Ivory Tower.

Transforming the Ivory Tower review by Jessica Oddy

Transforming the Ivory tower is a must-read for Black women considering a career in academia…


Transforming the Ivory Tower review by Sheila Freeman

An excellent review by competition winner Sheila Freeman…


Dr Elizabeth Opara to join London Met University as School Head

We congratulate Dr Elizabeth Opara, a contributor to Inside the Ivory Tower and Transforming the Ivory Tower on her new appointment as Head of the School of Human Sciences at London Metropolitan University.

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