BBA Founder interviewed on Kazi Radio, Austin on Ivory Tower

BBA Founder interviewed on Kazi Radio, Austin on Ivory Tower

BBA Founder and creator of the Ivory Tower project on race and gender equality, Dr Deborah Gabriel, was interviewed by radio producer and host Hopeton Hay, of Kazi Radio in Austin, Texas.

Dr Gabriel is on a week-long visit to Austin, Texas hosted by BBA Patron Virginia Cumberbatch, Head of the Center for Community Engagement at the University of Texas.

During her visit she will be delivering a presentation at the University of Texas on Ivory Tower hosted jointly by the Center for Community Engagement and the Black Studies Department. Dr Gabriel will also be presenting to the Community Advocacy Healing Project on Black Women’s Health, on the Health, Wellbeing & Happiness project and will be meeting with Dr Stephanie Hawley from Austin Community College.

Commenting on the interview and her visit to Austin, Dr Gabriel said: “I’m so happy to be visiting Austin again and especially to be collaborating with our US Patron Virginia Cumberbatch. I’m honoured to have been interviewed by Hopeton Hay for Kazi Radio. Community Radio plays such an important role in encouraging  reflection and discussion on important issues affecting Black communities. It was especially meaningful to talk about Toni Morrison and how Beloved helped me engage with Black Feminism and appreciate the value of lived experience in creating critical consciousness on raced and gendered discrimination, both historically and in contemporary society.”

Dr Gabriel is currently working on Ivory Tower 2, that will feature conversations with women of colour in the US and Brazil.

Listen to the full interview:


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