Ivory Tower offers hope and encouragement to women of colour in academia

Ivory Tower offers hope and encouragement to women of colour in academia

The latest Ivory Tower review by ‘Black Feminist in Training‘ Amber Fletcher.

I absolutely loved Inside The Ivory tower. Although I am not a lecturer, I still found the essays highly relatable. As a Black British woman who has worked in many different big institutions in the UK, and have always been the only Black woman in the office. I have felt the frustrations highlighted in this book of being highly visible, but yet invisible. I understand and relate to the experiences and stories of feelings of self-doubt, the microaggressions, the over and covert sexism and racism.

Although each story told the painful experiences of the authors, which at times made me so angry. They all gave me hope and encouragement to always fight for what I know is right. To ‘talk back’ when I see something wrong. And that I’m not being ‘sensitive’ or ‘have a chip on my shoulder’. But I am worthy of true equality amongst my white peers in whatever field that I’m in.

Inside The Ivory Tower not only discusses Black feminist theory, it also includes actionable advice, at times becoming a manual and a guide to help me navigate my own journey in the ‘white spaces’ that I encounter. It has helped me to understand the importance of defining and anchoring myself so that I can develop and maintain self-empowerment and self-confidence, in what can be in very harsh working environments. And of course, the importance of having safe spaces for Black women.

I highly recommend this book for everyone. We all need to do the work to dismantle the white supremacist patriarchy, and this book will definitely assist you on that journey.

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