Invitation to join the National Institute of Health Research as committee members and reviewers

Invitation to join the National Institute of Health Research as committee members and reviewers

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is the UK’s largest funder of health and care research, providing the personnel, facilities and technology to support a thriving and inclusive research culture.

NIHR funds The Health Services and Delivery Research Programme (HS&DR) which supports research that serves key stakeholders including NHS and social care managers, clinical research networks, clinicians, professionals, researchers, service users, carers, and the public. Recent events highlight the pivotal role research plays in addressing global health and care issues.
The increased risk of illness and death from Covid-19 to Black and Brown communities has been attributed to a variety of systemic factors such as inequalities in healthcare, employment, criminal justice and environmental factors, as well as the psychological impact of racism.
The consequences of racial inequality on health and mortality demonstrate the need for nuanced research that examines how race and ethnicity can shape health disparities, in addition to studies designed to meet the differential needs of society’s diverse and multiracial communities.
The HS&DR programme is proud of its role in supporting ambitious, evaluative research that improves the nation’s health and social care services. It strives to maintain racial and ethnic diversity among funding committee members to ensure processes are inclusive and draw from a wide talent pool. It welcomes research proposals that reflect the broadest possible expertise, knowledge and opinion. Here’s what existing members have to say about their work:
Working with HS&DR Funding Committee
The HS&DR Funding Committee assesses stage 1 and 2 proposals for research received through the commissioned and researcher-led workstreams. At stage one, the committee considers applications primarily for need and importance of a proposed research question, and at stage two primarily for scientific quality and value for money. The committee is composed of experts from a range of disciplines relevant to health and social care research and delivery, and public contributors.
Becoming an HS&DR Reviewer
NIHR’s community of reviewers plays a vital part in maintaining and improving the quality of the HS&DR Programme projects and outputs. They are sought from a variety of fields, including from those who work in and use health and social care services. The current list of members can be accessed HERE on NIHR’s website.
To help NIHR better understand and support your needs please complete this short survey accessed HERE
If you are interested in joining the HS&DR funding committee or becoming a reviewer, please contact Steph Garfield by email:
Please mention Black British Academics when enquiring, for a dedicated response.


Dr Deborah Gabriel

Dr Gabriel is a leader in race, education and social justice as the Founder and Director of Black British Academics. Her intellectual work is interdisciplinary and broadly focused on the dynamics of race, gender and culture and the relationships between race, power, privilege, and inequality. As a consultant, she specializes in strategic approaches to equity, diversity and inclusion centred on social justice and transformation.