Whiteness and Privilege Inside the Ivory Tower

It’s so unjust that because of my race,

Whiteness and privilege pollute my space,

A space in which I strive to promote equality and liberation,

To challenge oppression and domination,

But instead whiteness and privilege pollute my space,

I am violated, disrespected and lied to my face,

It threatens my sanity when whiteness and privilege deny my humanity,

Though a proud, strong woman I stand, this institutional space is toxic and sour,

Inside the ivory tower.

Permission granted to share and reprint this poem with credit to the author and with link to the original URL


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Dr Deborah Gabriel

Dr Gabriel is a Senior Lecturer at Bournemouth University in the Faculty of Media and Communication and serves as Deputy Chair of the institution’s Race Equality Charter Committee. A self-defined scholar-activist, she is concerned with contributing to social justice and equality. Her research interests are focused around political communication and discourse, raced and gendered constructions and representations in media and popular culture, equality, inclusion and liberation in teaching practice and the dynamics of race, ethnicity and culture in higher education. In addition to a full-time academic role, she is the Founder and Director of Black British Academics and undertakes consultancy work in research, public relations, strategic communication, equality, diversity and inclusion in educational and academic practice.

One Comment On “Whiteness and Privilege Inside the Ivory Tower”

  1. Love this! Captured so much of what we experience on a daily basis. Thank you 🙂

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