Inside the Ivory Tower


“It has helped me to understand the importance of defining and anchoring myself so that I can develop and maintain self-empowerment and self-confidence, in what can be in very harsh working environments.” Read the full review by Amber Fletcher
“This book really should be mandatory reading for all of those within Universities: for VCs seeking to effect more socially just and inclusive HE institutions, for Deans and HR managers on hiring committees and for colleagues to gain an insight in to the  barriers that women of colour of face in their daily professional lives and for those women of colour beyond the authors of this book, to know that they are not alone in their struggle.” Read the full review by Professor Heather Savigny
“A must-read for anyone working in a British University. The ten narratives cover the personal experiences of a black woman academic. Each story is both heart-breaking in its description of racism and sexism, but also inspiring in how each woman continues to overcome these barriers. Recognition of many anecdotes brought a wry smile to my face. The writers speak of the casual racism, sexual violence and snobbery endemic in universities. They ask for greater understanding from colleagues and for protection against harassment from their employers. Each writer is able to employ critical race theory to make sense of their experiences. As such, it makes an excellent introduction to concepts such as intersectionality, white privilege, and the poverty of much modern discourse around diversity: “black bodies in white spaces.” A brave and principled stand against the overwhelming silence around racism in the higher education sector.” Read the review by Udeni Salmon on Goodreads
“Inside the Ivory Tower provides visceral and personal viewpoints of what it is to be a Black female academic. Exploring these perspectives through ten immersive chapters, the reader is taken on a journey through the Ivory Tower from a Black feminist perspective. With the opening pages relaying themes of sisterhood and solidarity, the tone is clearly set and the narratives that will be explored are defined. One of the book’s editors, Dr Deborah Gabriel, the founder of Black British Academics and creator of the Ivory Tower project, dedicates the opening poem to ‘Black feminists, past and present’ who pave the way for women of colour ‘to challenge the Eurocentric mentality’ and ‘unpack the mechanics of raced and gendered discrimination’. With these themes in place, the reader is fully prepared to begin the journey through the narratives.” Read the full review by Jasmine Aloma on
“I would suggest that Inside the Ivory Tower meets all the requirements for the admission of expert evidence before a Tribunal, adjudicating on a case of race and/or gender discrimination, and/or before a body, such as the Law Commission, dedicated to reform of the law. What the expertise of the authors would tell such a Tribunal or law reform body is that the legal concept of victimisation is an inadequate tool with which to protect employees who seek to challenge the forms of racial and gender harm prevalent within the contemporary university space.” Read the full review by Patricia Tuitt, Legal Academic 


“Wow! What a powerful volume (and a great title – with a fine cover design). A white male academic, I found myself cringing at many of the tales related in the book. I do hope your valuable work, with that of your contributors, helps matters move in the right direction. Congratulations on bringing the project to a published fruition.” Professor Michael Reiss
“The book is an absolutely useful resource for Black academics. It is both inspirational and insightful into the challenges we face, and highlights good strategies to counter them. I enjoyed reading it and will signpost others to it. It was a pleasure reading it and I’m sure I will keep reading it again and again.” Irine Mano
“I am so pleased to know that you have arrived at this important milestone. My congratulations to you all! Deborah Husbands
“I am so proud of you! This is the beginning of a huge new movement in Black Academia.” Raona Williams
“Well done and congratulations. I cannot wait to read this book.” Karen Carberry