Black Sister Network

Our Principal Aim is:

To empower Black women and women of colour within and beyond academia. 

Our Mission:

  1. Building solidarity and engaging in collective activism.

  2. Developing strategies to overcome exclusion and marginalisation.

  3. Undertaking research around race and gender using critical approaches.

  4. Exploring and articulating our experiences through counter narratives.

  5. Developing initiatives to enhance our health, well-being and happiness.




Recent Posts

Health, Wellbeing & Happiness Event is ‘much needed’ say attendees

The consensus among the attendees is that the initiative is much needed and a welcome space for women of colour…


One more week to our Health Wellbeing & Happiness Event

Next Week on 4th April Black British Academics will celebrate its 5th Anniversary…


Health, Wellbeing & Happiness Event on 4 April to champion Black women’s health

Racial disparities in health outcomes and mortality rates are longstanding, structural, institutionalised and well-documented in the UK and US (see recommended reading below).

Black Sister Network Health Wellbeing & Happiness Event Launches 4th April

Our Health, Wellbeing & Happiness annual event launches on 4th April at UEL Stratford…

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