Dr Deborah Gabriel (UK)

Dr Deborah Gabriel (UK)
Founder & Director
During her tenure in higher education, Dr Gabriel has combined a traditional academic role in teaching, research and professional practice with leadership in equity, diversity and social justice. Through these roles she has developed the cultural intelligence to define key issues that drive inequality, while working strategically to develop solutions evidenced by research.
As the Founder and Director of Black British Academics, her leadership is focused on transformation in teaching and research, with an emphasis on equity and social justice. She developed the Ivory Tower Project on race and gender inequality in academia, leading two research teams on the edited volumes: Inside the Ivory Tower and Transforming the Ivory Tower, published by UCL Press.  She also developed the 3D Pedagogy Framework™ an emancipatory pedagogy, documented in the research paper: Enhancing higher education practice through the 3D Pedagogy Framework to decolonize, democratize and diversify the curriculum, published in the International Journal of Technology & Inclusive Education in 2019.
Her intellectual work is interdisciplinary and broadly focused on the dynamics of race, gender and culture in media, communication, and higher education. These areas of inquiry are approached from a critical race and Black feminist standpoint to analyse the relationships between race, power, privilege, and inequality. Dr Gabriel has presented her research at international conferences around the world and is an accomplished public speaker. As a consultant, she specializes in strategic approaches to equity, diversity and inclusion centred on social justice and transformation in education and the workplace.
Her journalistic work is focused on giving voice to the perspectives and experiences of marginalised groups and articulating issues around inequality. She has written for several publications including Times Higher Education, Guardian and Independent. Between 2008 and 2013 she ran a funded project called People With Voices, providing journalism training and an online platform for publication of news, features, commentaries and reviews, which has been archived by the British Library. Dr Gabriel is also frequently called upon as a media commentator to provide clarity and analysis of historic and contemporary issues. She has been interviewed across television, radio, print and online in the UK and US for a range of media outlets including BBC TV and Radio, Guardian, Independent, Times Higher Education and Huff Post.