Black British Academics no longer operates a membership-based structure nor provides services as a 'company'.  We are a collective of academics led by Dr Deborah Gabriel who are committed to tackling racial inequality in higher education and its impact on staff and students of colour. 

Our Mission 

  1. To enhance the voice and visibility of 1Black academics within higher education.
  2. To build intellectual, social and cultural capital within our communities and highlight our contribution to the knowledge economy.
  3. To transform the institional culture from one that is Eurocentric to one that is culturally democratic.
  4. To contribute to social change through research and educational practice.
  5. To shape policy and practice around race equality initiatives in the higher education sector.

 Our Values

  • We believe that staff and students of colour have an important role to play in defining the key issues around racial inequality and advancing effective solutions.
  • Our chief concern is in challenging the status quo rather than assimilating into a flawed system.

1'Black' is used politically and conceptually as a term of empowerment and is inclusive of people from all racialised minority backgrounds (African, Caribbean, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese, dual heritage etc.). While it is accepted that these groups are heterogeneous, we are united as a strategy to foster unity and collaboration. See our statement on racial categorisation and terminology.


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