Sense of Belonging


This research explores whether postgraduate research students (PGRs) from racialised minority backgrounds experience specific challenges in gaining a sense of belonging within higher education institutions (HEIs) . Part of the question relates to the othering process that occurs when dominant, White, Eurocentric, gendered norms prevail and become embedded within institutional cultures, epistemologies and academic practice. The research presents, examines and analyses the reflective narratives of doctoral students in an attempt to build upon current understandings of difference in relation to gaining a sense of belonging; with a view to informing HE practice and policy. The research is underpinned by a critical race theory framework and involves in-depth interviews with 10 PGRs of colour at HEIs across the UK.


The data has been collected and the research project is currently at the data analysis stage. Outputs will be generated in 2019-20.

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