Prof Shirley Anne Tate (Canada)

Professor Tate is Canada Research Chair Tier 1 in Feminism and Intersectionality at the University of Alberta, Edmonton in the Department of Sociology. As a Cultural Sociologist,  she is a qualitative researcher interested in intersectional thinking. In her writing, research and teaching she draws on Black feminist, gender, critical ‘race’, queer, post colonial and Caribbean decolonial theory within her overall focus on Black Atlantic diaspora studies and emerging identifications. Professor Tate's research interests include the body, ‘mixed race’, domestic and care work, beauty, Black intersectional identifications, migration, affect, the culture of Britishness, food, ‘race’ performativity, decoloniality, transracial intimacies, skin bleaching/lightening/toning and the politics of skin. She has for some time been developing an area of work on racism's affects within the micro-practices of institutional racism which has an academic and practitioner/ activist audience in South Africa, The USA, Brazil and the UK. Her 2015 book on decolonising skin bleaching in Black Atlantic zones has had a wide academic interest within the UK and South Africa.