Prof Stuart Hall 1932-2014

“A great impact on my studies and on my personal life. Thank you Prof. Stuart Hall!” Prof Ela Carmela Formisano
Can I add a personal memory of Stuart, which is important to me because not only was he a wonderful, serious, challenging thinker, but also a very kind man? I recall going to see him in about 1972, when with a colleague we were two eager-beavers keen to start an undergraduate course at Bristol Polytechnic which would engage with this newly emergent cultural studies set of approaches (which came to us through those eagerly-awaited, even if sometimes frustrating, Occasional Papers, as they leaked out of the Centre). We had had a CNAA visitation (those initials will mean loads to people of my generation), and had been told that, while interesting and worthwhile, our course really was not yet worked through enough – so would we like to go to Birmingham to talk it over with Stuart, who headed the CNAA’s Panel on this area?
He was utterly gracious and kindly, gave us plenty of his time, talked us through his concerns and listened to our responses in a manner that never made us feel foolish or incapable. He asked us questions that made us reflect on our own plan  in a totally constructive way. I learned a lot that day both about the field, and about the right ways to help younger colleagues that I have tried to internalise. Thanks, Stuart. Prof Martin Barker, University of Aberystwyth

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