Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter has grown into a global movement for resistance against anti-Black racism, police violence and discrimination against people of colour and this broad engagement is to be celebrated. However, its origins must be rightfully acknowledged as the work of Alicia Garza, Patrisse Khan-Cullors and Opal Tometi with due regard for their objectives: to give voice to the perspectives and experiences of Black queer, transgender, disabled and migrant communities too often marginalised in discussions of race,  that are central to understanding the intersectional nature of racial oppression.
Our solidarity with Black Lives Matter and the values and objectives of the Co-Founders are longstanding and consistent with BBA’s  Mission and the Mission of the Black Sister Network. 
Dr Deborah Gabriel, June 2020
“I consider the Ivory Tower project to be significant and salient during an era where Black women continue to be undervalued in our personal and professional lives, and when the very strategies we develop to uplift ourselves: Me Too Campaign (Tarana Burke); Intersectionality (Kimberle Crenshaw); Black Lives Matter (Alicia Garzia, Patrice Cullors, Opal Tometi) are crudely and brazenly appropriated, often by those in positions of power and privilege who erase us in the process of elevating  themselves in a way that depoliticizes the essence of our resistance.”
Gabriel, D. (2020:82)
Gabriel, D. (2020). Transforming the Ivory Tower: Models for Gender Equality and Social Justice. London: UCL Press

“With faith, hope and love, anything and everything is possible.”
Dr Deborah Gabriel