BASE is the student-centred component of the 3D Pedagogy Framework™ developed by Dr Gabriel to enable students to contribute and feed into curriculum development. It aims to help students develop intellectual capital and harness social and cultural capital to promote achievement and empowerment around a social justice agenda. BASE is delivered through an  interactive workshop designed to promote deep learning and critical thinking.  It was launched at an inaugural event at the University of Greenwich in Medway on 25th January 2019
Recent Posts from BASE

BASE launch hailed a success

The launch of Black British Academics Network, BASE (Building Achievement, Social Justice and Empowerment), took place at the University of Greenwich at Medway on 25th January 2019


SUBU BME Awards 2018: BBA Founder is Staff Member of the Year

BBA Founder Dr Deborah Gabriel collected the Staff Member of the Year Award at the SUBU 2018 BME Awards.


SUBU BME awards celebrate student of colour achievements

The SUBU BME awards is a student-developed initiative that aims to celebrate student of colour contributions and achievements at Bournemouth University.


When Bob Marley came to Bournemouth University

The Jamaican reggae artist, legend and global icon, Bob Marley, visited Bournemouth University to highlight the link between international relations and the dehumanisation of people of African descent …