3D Pedagogy Framework

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The 3D Pedagogy Framework™ is a strategic model of culturally democratic education practice developed by Dr Deborah Gabriel through Black British Academics® to decolonize, democratize and diversify the higher education curriculum.  It targets education practice to enhance the experience and outcomes for students of colour while enriching the learning process for students of all ethnic backgrounds. Dr Gabriel has been embedding 3D Pedagogy into her own teaching practice for the past few years and during this time, has won three student awards and an Award in Academic Excellence. Findings from data and testimonies collected from  global participants suggest that 3D Pedagogy™ is an effective approach to enhance the cultural competence of education practitioners and promote critical reflective practice; important steps towards transforming the higher education curriculum and student learning experience.

3D Pedagogy HE Institutions

(where Dr Gabriel has delivered the workshop and/or curriculum review/development)

De Montfort University

Ravensbourne University

Lancashire Law School, University of Preston (pictured below)

University of Kent

University of Toronto



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