3D Pedagogy Workshop

The 3D Pedagogy™ Framework is a strategic model of inclusive teaching practice developed by Dr Gabriel to decolonise, democratise and diversify the higher education curriculum.  In addition to targeting education practice to enhance cultural competence, there is a student component. *During the Coronavirus pandemic all our workshops are available in virtual format…we can also custom design interactive sessions to suit your needs.

3D Pedagogy™ Impact

More Feedback From Staff Participants

Feedback From Student Participants

The student 3D Pedagogy™ Workshop enables learners to contribute to curriculum development by harnessing intellectual capital to promote achievement and empowerment around a social justice agenda. The  interactive workshop is designed to promote deep learning and critical thinking.  Dr Gabriel launched the 3D Pedagogy™ Student Workshop at the University of Greenwich in Medway on 25th January 2019 (pictured above).

Universities Where Dr Gabriel Has Delivered the Staff Workshop

University of Kent
University of  Portsmouth
University of Preston, Lancashire Law School
De Montfort University
University of Toronto


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