BBA welcomes new patrons, celebrates its achievements and plans for 2020

BBA welcomes new patrons, celebrates its achievements and plans for 2020

“It has been a marvellous year; we have much to be proud of for what we achieved in 2019 and we are excited about plans for 2020”, said BBA Founder Dr Deborah Gabriel.

Speaking as the Black British Academics network signed off for the Xmas break, Dr Gabriel said “we would like to wish everyone an enjoyable time over the Xmas holiday, and to say a special thank you to the Black British Academics community, to those who have collaborated with us and to those who endeavour to support the work we do to enhance racial  equality in higher education and the wider society.”

Dr Gabriel extended gratitude to Dr Josephine Kwhali, who is stepping down from her role as a Patron, following her retirement from academia: “Josephine has made an enormous contribution to tackling racism in social work education and practice over the past few decades and I am pleased that this is reflected in her chapters in both the Ivory Tower volumes. ”

Three new Patrons have joined the Black British Academics Network: Professor Robbie Shilliam, who is based at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA,  Professor William Lez Henry, who is based at the University of West London and Dr Dr Laura Guimarães Corrêa who is based at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais in Brazil. . Black British Academics’ achievements in 2019  include:

Dr Gabriel with members of the Black Studies Department at the University of Texas

Looking ahead to 2020, Dr Gabriel said: “We are truly a global network and will continue to work pro-actively and collaboratively, both on challenging racial inequality and on delivering strategic solutions that build equity and aim to address gaps and disparities.” BBA’s plans for 2020 include:

Dr Gabriel said: “We are glad for the opportunity for rest and relaxation over the Xmas holiday after such a busy year, but also look forward to executing all that we have planned for 2020.”

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