Health, Wellbeing & Happiness Event is ‘much needed’ say attendees

Health, Wellbeing & Happiness Event is ‘much needed’ say attendees

Our first Health, Wellbeing & Happiness event held at UEL in Stratford on Thursday April 4th was well attended by a diverse audience of women of colour.

 The audience included undergraduates who travelled from Manchester and a pensioner aged 80.

The consensus among the attendees is that the initiative is much needed and a welcome space for women of colour to share their experiences in addition to receiving up-to-date information and guidance on nutrition, exercise, weight loss and diseases that have a disproportionate impact on women of colour.

Health, Wellbeing & Happiness will be an annual event to be held in April each year with additional activities organised throughout the year. To receive updates on forthcoming events join the Black Sister Network via this LINK


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