One more week to our Health Wellbeing & Happiness Event

One more week to our Health Wellbeing & Happiness Event

Next Week on 4th April Black British Academics will celebrate its 5th Anniversary. Founder Dr Deborah Gabriel will celebrate her 55th birthday and the Black Sister Network will launch a new focus as part of the Ivory Tower project: Black women’s health and wellbeing.

Health, Wellbeing & Happiness is a partnership between the Black Sister Network, Lifestyle Challenge, REBEL REST and Shades of Noir, and a collaborative effort to improve the health and wellbeing of women of colour.

Ahead of the event next week, Dr Deborah Gabriel shares her experience of personal training on campus: LINK TO ARTICLE


Health, Wellbeing & Happiness Event – Programme


1.00pm     WELCOME

Dr Deborah Gabriel, Founder of Black British Academics & Lifestyle Challenge



How can sports support health & wellbeing for women of colour?

Dr Marcia Wilson, Head of the School of Sports & Bioscience, UEL



Weight loss & fitness at 50+

 Dr Deborah Gabriel, Founder of Black British Academics & Lifestyle Challenge

  *****2.00pm: 15-MINUTE INTERVAL*****


Eating for health & wellbeing 

Dr Elizabeth Opara, Head of the Department of Applied and Human Sciences, Kingston University



Updates from the USA

Dr Jenny Douglas, Senior Lecturer in Health Promotion, Open University; Chair, Black Women’s Health & Wellbeing Research Network


3.05pm    REBEL + REST 

Rest, rejuvenation and restoration for African American Women

Virginia Cumberbatch, Director of the Center for Community Engagement & Equity, University of Texas & Co-Founder of Rosa Rebellion



3.35pm – 4.30pm      REFRESHMENTS & NETWORKING


Supported by Shades of Noir Production Team:

Rayvenn Shaleigha D’Clark, Shades of Noir Junior Editor/Digital Sculptor

Newly appointed to the role of Junior Editor at Shades of Noir (SoN), Rayvenn’s role concerns curating areas of digital content and overseeing the weekly deliverables through our diverse content team in order to ensure consistent social sharing.


Jessica Anoche, Shades of Noir Archivist, Filmmaker and Writer

Jessica is an Archival Developer at Shades of Noir and It is her responsibility to archive and promote the work of students/graduates/creatives of colour.


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