3D Pedagogy Student Alliance BASE to launch at University of Greenwich in Jan 2019

Black British Academics Founder and Director Dr Deborah Gabriel developed the 3D Pedagogy Framework as a pro-active strategy to tackle educational disparities in higher education linked to race, ethnicity and culture by decolonizing, democratizing and diversifying the curriculum.

The key focus of the 3D Pedagogy Framework has been in enhancing teaching by helping academics develop cultural competence and critically reflective practice to improve the student learning experience.

The 3D Pedagogy Framework has been fully endorsed by the Student Union at Bournemouth University, where a two-year project funded by the Access Excellence and Impact Committee will enable the framework to be embedded across all departments within the institution.

Following several requests, Dr Gabriel developed an initiative for students to help them harness intellectual, social and cultural capital through interactive workshops and events designed to promote deep learning focused on issues of social justice.

It is part of a new Black British Academics Network, BASE (Building Achievement, Social Justice and Empowerment), which will be launched at the University of Greenwich at Medway on 25th January 2019. The event is open to students from the universities of Greenwich, Kent and Canterbury Christchurch and is being funded by the Societies Council Committee.

Commenting on BASE, Black British Academics Founder Dr Deborah Gabriel said:

“Students across the country are driving positive change in higher education with their justifiable demands for action on the attainment gap as well as a curriculum that is relevant for an ethnically diverse undergraduate and postgraduate population. Black British Academics will continue to be at the forefront of critical debates and action to improve racial equality in higher education. BASE is one such example that enables us to support the people that matter most in higher education – the students.”

Commenting on the launch of BASE, organiser Ezekiel al-Kharim (pictured below), a student at the University of Greenwich said:

“Universities at Medway is a rather unique set-up, where three separate institutions share the space. Because of this, we have an incredibly diverse student population, and a unique relationship on campus. Medway has its own distinct community, which is why I believe that BASE is such a brilliant and valuable opportunity for Medway students of different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds to come together to promote social justice in our education system.”