BBA Founder critiques mainstream News election coverage of Diane Abbott MP

BBA Founder critiques mainstream News election coverage of Diane Abbott MP

BBA Founder, Dr Deborah Gabriel has written a scholarly article on the treatment of The Right Honourable Diane Abbott MP during the UK General Election. The article: The othering and objectification of Diane Abbott MP, has been published today by the Centre for Journalism, Culture and Community at Bournemouth University in the publication UK Election Analysis 2017; the latest in its series of political reports.

In the article, which is written from a Black feminist perspective, Dr Gabriel argues that despite the increase in the number of Black and Asian MPs, which has risen to 51; race equality in British politics lags behind gender equality — and raced and gendered discrimination – as was directed towards MS Abbott, has been normalised.

Commenting on the article, Dr Gabriel said:

“Diane Abbott is the first Black woman to be elected as a Member of Parliament in this country and has served her constituency in Hackney North and Stoke Newington diligently, for thirty years. This is an amazing achievement, which Jeremy Corbyn rightly states should be acknowledged and celebrated.

“However, throughout the General Election campaign and during a time that MS Abbott battled with Type II Diabetes, she was unfairly and quite deliberately vilified in the British news media to undermine Labour’s campaign.”

Dr Gabriel teaches politics at Bournemouth University in the Faculty of Media and Communication and previously contributed to the US Election Analysis published in 2016.

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