My PhD: Helping to heal Haiti Through Transgenerational Family Therapy

My PhD: Helping to heal Haiti Through Transgenerational Family Therapy

PhD Network member Karen Carberry, a doctoral researcher at University of Bedfordshire and Priory Family Therapist, is travelling to Singapore in October to deliver a presentation at the PPIS Bridging and Humanifying Family Therapy Practice Conference in Singapore

Her presentation entitled: Haiti: Humanitarian Family Therapy Via Workshop focuses on the Christian mission work that she has been involved in over the past five years.  This is also the area in which she is undertaking research as part of her doctoral studies – the efficacy of parenting workshops as a model for transgenerational healing in the community.

Following her presentation at the conference Karen is travelling to the Dominican Republic to facilitate seven days of multiple family therapy and parenting workshops for a Haitian Community.

haiti-earthquakeShe will later travel to Haiti in January for 10 days to continue her research, and attend an annual crusade on January 12, which marks the anniversary of the 2010 earthquake and celebrates the lives that were saved.

Karen, who is inspired by the therapeutic work of Professor Nancy Boyd-Franklin with Black families, told the news desk:

“I have had the privilege to work collaboratively with a wonderful Haitian community.  They have been very encouraging, allowing me to learn how to speak their language.

“With their support I have been able to apply, extend and develop a workshop-based multi-system model of family therapy for transgenerational healing of a traumatised community.”

Karen has observed Haitian visitors from other nations take up the techniques she has been using and teach other families abroad, demonstrating the receptiveness of Haitian families to therapy.   Reflecting on her past work and current research, she said:

“This has been a transformational period in my life and I thank God for the opportunity to continue to learn from my Haitian friends.  They generously share with me and each other how they are working with the process within their own and extended families, in order to transform family relationships without having to go on a waiting list.”

Main picture, Karen Carberry; inset picture is of Sherider Anilus, 28, and her daughter, 9-month-old Monica, on the spot where her home collapsed during ​the 2010 Earthquake – see CNN story by Colin Stark

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