Prof Kevin Hylton becomes a patron of Black British Academics

Prof Kevin Hylton becomes a patron of Black British Academics

Kevin Hylton, the first Black Professor in the Carnegie Faculty at Leeds Beckett University in over 75 years, pledged to support the “outstanding work” of Black British Academics upon his appointment as a patron of the organisation.

He described Black British Academics as a “progressive movement leading meaningful and effective change around race equality across the higher education sector”.

Hylton is Professor of Equality and Diversity in Sport, Leisure and Education in the Carnegie Faculty at Leeds Beckett University and Chair of the Leeds Beckett Race Equality and Diversity Forum.

His work on diversity, equity and inclusion has been extended into research and professional support for sports councils, equality bodies and local government. His research interests focus on the development of Critical Race Theory, diversity, equity and inclusion in sport, leisure and PE.

Prof Hylton’s publications include Sports Development: Policy, Process and Practice (Routledge 2001; 2008, and Hylton 2013). He wrote the first book (worldwide) on critical race theory and sport ‘Race’ and Sport: Critical Race Theory (Routledge, 2009) which was recommended by Routledge as “one of the top ten resources for teaching undergraduates to think critically about the role of sport in society” (2009). 

Commenting on his appointmentProf Hylton said: 

“I am very pleased to accept the invitation by Black British Academics to become a patron. I have been impressed by how the organisation has worked tirelessly to strengthen the network of Black academics who are often isolated in their institutions.  Similarly, by raising the academy’s awareness of race equality and by supporting higher education, Black British Academics is effectively transforming how our institutions engage with these crucial issues.”

Founder and CEO Dr Deborah Gabriel said: “I am absolutely delighted to have Prof Hylton on board with usI have long been inspired and motivated not only by his academic success but by his extraordinary commitment to equality and social justice. We have much in common in terms of a shared vision, critical, theoretical and conceptual approaches and our commitment to race equality.

Prof Hylton and Dr Gabriel are currently working collaboratively on a research paper that examines how the experiences and perspectives of racialised minority staff can help facilitate institutional change around race equality in higher education.

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