Transforming the Ivory Tower


Transforming the Ivory Tower: Models for Gender Equality and Social Justice

About the Book

This edited volume builds on Ivory Tower 1, transcending from unpacking subtle but impactful experiences of raced and gendered discrimination, to examining what an intersectional framework for race equality should look like, with case study examples . The key aim of this book is to provide models for transformation that can be adopted and adapted to advance race and gender equality within and beyond academia. The book is based on interviews with contributors to Ivory Tower 1, with the new addition of Patron Dr Shirley Thompson, theorised through Black feminism and critical race theory.

Editor: Dr Deborah Gabriel

Contributors: Dr Jenny Douglas, Dr Ima Jackson, Dr Josephine Kwhali, Dr Elizabeth Opara, Aisha Richards, Dr Shirley Thompson, Dr Marcia Wilson AND Dr Sadhvi Dar, Dr Udeni Salmon, Stacey Kelly-Maher & and Rayvenn Shaleigha D’Clark.

Publisher: UCL Institute of Education press

Completion Date: October 2019