Sense of Belonging

A Sense of Belonging: Race Ethnicity and Culture in Higher Education

Publisher: Trentham Books


Dr Deborah Gabriel (Bournemouth University)

Prof Kevin Hylton (Leeds Beckett University)


This book explores whether postgraduate research students (PGRs) from racialised minority backgrounds experience specific challenges in gaining a sense of belonging within higher education (HE) institutions. Part of the question relates to the othering process that occurs when dominant, White, Eurocentric, gendered norms prevail and become embedded within institutional cultures, epistemologies and academic practice. The book presents, examines and analyses the reflective narratives of doctoral students in an attempt to build upon current understandings of difference in relation to gaining a sense of belonging; with a view to informing HE practice and policy. The book is underpinned by a Critical Race Theory framework

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