Inside the Ivory Tower Phase 2

‘Women of Colour Transforming Academia’

(Work in Progress)

Edited by Dr Deborah Gabriel

The sequel to the ground-breaking book: Inside the Ivory Tower: Narratives of Women of Colour Surviving and Thriving in British Academia, is an edited volume. The research framework is grounded in critical race theory (CRT) and cultural democracy and retains the primary objective of contributing to the mission of Black Sister Network. It will present educational and academic projects and initiatives developed, led and delivered by women of colour as active agents of change, who seek to transform the institutional culture in higher education.

CRT will be used as a framework through which to critique intersectional racialised inequalities that are normalised within institutional culture in higher education – as a strategy for interrogating and disrupting whiteness and White privilege. Cultural Democracy is an important contribution to this research, since the contributors’ narratives serve as a form of cultural power negotiation (Aldridge, 2000). Both CRT and cultural democracy are defined by principles of social justice and as such function beyond theoretical analysis. Cultural power negotiation occurs when marginalised groups become self-determined to enable active participation in the process of empowerment – as social actors and agents of change (Karenga, 1980).

Inside the Ivory Tower: Women of Colour Transforming Academia, will focus on academic and educational practice that challenges whiteness and White privilege and seeks to create a more inclusive educational and academic environment within higher education. Chapters will focus on strategies that are concerned not solely with advancing emancipatory knowledge, but that adopt emancipatory practices (hooks, 1994). The contributors’ chapters will serve as a medium for self-empowerment and act as a catalyst for change through the presentation of case studies and models for transformation that can be adopted by institutions across the sector.

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