PhD Network


The PhD Network aims to provide new insights into the needs of 1Black doctoral researchers in order to eradicate systemic challenges that impact progression.

Current Projects

Research: Sense of Belonging Among Doctoral Researchers


1Black is used politically and conceptually as a term of empowerment and is inclusive of staff and students from all racialised minority backgrounds (African, Caribbean, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese, dual heritage etc.). While it is accepted that these groups are heterogeneous, we are united as a strategy to foster unity and collaboration.

Doctoral researcher leads workshop on Black Therapists and White Clients

Karen Carberry led a workshop earlier this year at the 3rd British Autoethnography Conference in Aberdeen.


Remi Salisbury defends PhD thesis and lands new academic post

In addition to his PhD success, Remi has been offered a full-time academic role as a senior lecturer in Childhood and Education Studies at Leeds Beckett University.


My PhD: Helping to heal Haiti Through Transgenerational Family Therapy

I have had the privilege to work collaboratively with a wonderful Haitian community.  They have been very encouraging…


Black Sister Network congratulates Muna Abdi on her upcoming academic post

Our warmest congratulations go to our dear sister and colleague Muna Abdi, for her new permanent role as Lecturer in the Psychology of Education