Leaders Forum 2014

This event provided a constructive space to unite progressive thinkers from the higher education sector in order to share best practice, stimulate new ideas and promote collaboration between institutions. It was targeted at  senior university managers, academic and non-academic staff working in higher education institutions. 

Rt Hon Lord Paul of Marylebone PC, Chancellor of the University of Westminster, from his keynote speech at the VIP Reception at Leaders Forum 2014.

lord-paul"Bringing together Black and minority ethnic staff and students with senior university staff to collaborate, share best practice and  develop new initiatives around race equality is a bold move.  There is clearly great interest, commitment, knowledge and resourcefulness among staff and students of colour that can be of great benefit to higher education institutions. I therefore encourage you to continue the dialogue and carry these ideas forward within and beyond your own institutions." 


"I think the forum marked the start of an important initiative and I found it a very informative and thought provoking day.  I could see how much effort you and your team had put into the day and I congratulate you for making the event so successful." Professor Jane Lewis, Pro-Vice Chancellor, University of Westminster

"I found it to be quite an enlightening experience overall and the warm interaction amongst everyone was amazing. Looking forward to where our organisation is going!" Tara Walcott

"I'd like to extend a warm congratulations for putting on such a powerful event yesterday. It was a prime example that seeking change doesn't have to mean shouting at the opponent, but rather inviting them to sit with us and LISTEN is more effective. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be there." Kaimo Lutterodt

"I just wished to say a big thank you for a fantastic Forum today. All the speakers and performances were engaging, informative and thought-provoking." Tili Andoh

"I wanted to say how fantastic it was to meet all of you, and how much I enjoyed the conference. All the speakers were outstanding, and I learned a lot. It’s a wonderful beginning, we should be proud of what was accomplished yesterday! Thanks to Deborah, Aisha and everyone." Angie Osborne

"May I take this opportunity to thank the organisers of this conference for their vision, resilliance and determination. This was the most informative and illuminating gathering, an indication of greater things to come. Deborah, You have made history. Congrats." Everette

Feature Image From L to R: Stephen Reid: Deputy Vice Chancellor at UAL, Aisha Richards: Founder/Director of Shades of Noir at UAL and Black Sister Network member, Natalie Brett: Pro Vice-Chancellor at UAL, Dr Deborah Gabriel: Founder & CEO of Black British Academics. Photo by Kai Lutterodt. VIEW GALLERY ON PAGE 2

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