Building Achievement Success & Empowerment

Despite longstanding disparities in the experience and outcomes of Black students in UK higher education, institutional responses across the sector with one or two exceptions, do not go far enough. The degree attainment gap is largest among Black students. Recent data shows that while 78.8% of White students gained a good degree (1st or 2:1) only 53.1% of Black students achieved this, compared with 63.2% overall, for students of colour. Differences between ethnic groups cannot be explained by qualifications obtained before attending university. In addition, Black and Asian graduates are more likely to be unemployed than White graduates, despite higher proportions attending university (Download the TUC report). BASE has been developed as a holistic, community initiative that harnesses the intellectual, social and cultural capital within the BBA community and beyond, to empower Black students and graduates and promote the achievement and success they deserve. As a social justice project aligned with our values of cultural democracy, this initiative is targeted at all students of colour and we welcome the support and involvement of people from all ethnic backgrounds. We are currently in discussion with global partners to develop a Graduate Summer Programme, and Dr Deborah Gabriel continues to drive change in educational practice through development of the 3D Pedagogy Framework. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates.