Remi Salisbury defends PhD thesis and lands new academic post

Congratulations to PhD Network member Remi Salisbury, who recently successfully defended his PhD thesis on Black mixed race males in UK and US secondary education.

Remi, who was supervised by Dr Shirley Anne Tate at Leeds University, interviewed 28 participants, seeking to understand how Black mixed-race men speak back to, manipulate, fashion and refashion a range of discourses in order to refuse the fragmentation of their identities and the erasure of their lived experiences.

Inspired by Critical Race Theoretical approaches, Remi’s thesis centres the lives and accounts of Black mixed-race men to respond to considerable gaps in academic literature and to rupture pathological discourses of mixedness.

Remi’s research utilizes theories of racial performativity and hybridity to consider how Black mixed-race men, in the UK and the US, resist identity erasure and constitute identities that are multiplicitous and complex. Recognizing that racial identities are always constituted at the intersection of gender, his thesis develops an understanding of Black mixed-race masculinities.

Whilst the thesis takes the secondary school as the primary site for focusing discussion, what unfolds is a picture of Black mixed-race men’s lives that extends far beyond the confines of the school. The thesis not only considers how Black mixed-race men articulate their racial identities but how they live and display their identities through racial symbolism, as they encounter racial microaggressions, and as they form and develop friendships.

In addition to his PhD success, Remi has been offered a full-time academic role as a senior lecturer in Childhood and Education Studies at Leeds Beckett University.

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4 Comments On “Remi Salisbury defends PhD thesis and lands new academic post”

  1. Well done Remi – and wonderful that all your hard work has paid off. I wish you every success in your new academic role.

  2. Congratulations Remi. Your thesis topic sounds very interesting and I'm in no doubt the findings are very relevant in our society today. Would be great to read it further or look forward to reading any forthcoming papers from you. All the best for your postdoctoral work and senior lecture role at Leeds!   

  3. Congrats Remi! Much deserved after all your hard work! All the best with the new post xx

  4. Well done Remi, very inspired.  Wonderful news regarding your new post, a great role model.    

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