Dr Shirley Anne Tate becomes a patron of Black British Academics

Dr Shirley Anne Tate, who is leaving the UK to take up a professorship at University of the Free State in South Africa, has become a patron of Black British Academics.

Dr Tate, much admired and cherished within the academic community, features in an article by Dr Deborah Gabriel on the Black Sister Network website, on whether lack of career progression in the UK will drive Black female academics abroad.

In the 2014/15 academic year, there were only 30 Black female professors out of 19,630. In the article, Dr Shirley Tate said that she applied for three professorships in the UK in 2015/16 and was not short-listed for any of the roles, despite being head-hunted by institutions in the USA and South Africa.

Comments posted on social media show a deep concern about the lack of career opportunities for women of colour in academia as well as admiration for Dr Shirley Tate. One comment on Facebook by Jacqueline Sanchez Taylor reads:

“…sorry to see you go – but can understand why you are leaving for fresh and new opportunities. Good luck.”

On Twitter, Prof Heidi Safia Mirza tweeted: “What a loss! Prof Shirley Tate is leaving for south africa as her genius is not recognised in UK.”

Dr Shirley Anne Tate is co-editor with Dr Deborah Gabriel of a collection of autoethnographies by women academics of colour called: Inside the Ivory Tower: Narratives of Women of Colour Surviving and Thriving in British Academia, due to be published by Trentham Books in 2017.

The project, which was developed through Black Sister Network will be completed before Dr Tate takes up her professorship in South Africa next April.


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2 Comments On “Dr Shirley Anne Tate becomes a patron of Black British Academics”

  1. Congratulations Shirley! It is a great shame for this country that you will not be an active part of the higher education landscape in the UK. However, as a supporter of your work and supporter of internationalism and transcending geographical boundaries, I am so proud to hear you are moving into international professorship to share and develop your work with the wider world – and also very happy to hear you will remain with us as a Patron! The world is now a smaller 'realm' due to the many different forms of mediated communication that connects us – and through the beautiful 'space' that is BBA,  it is heart warming to know that our communication and sharings will continue! Wishing you positive blessings and will look forward to hearing of your professorship journey!   

  2. Wishing you many congratulations Shirley, thank you for continuing to inspire us on the next stage of your journey.

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