Welcome and congrats to the founder members of BASE

"On behalf of our growing community within Black British Academics, I would like to publicly thank Elsa Macharia, Naomi Oti-Sampson and Ray Taiwo (three of of my final year undergraduate PR students at Bournemouth University) for taking the initiative to offer your services to support Black British Academics. I am amazed that you all rose so quickly to the challenge of developing a clear mission for this new network and identifying specific needs of undergraduate and graduate students that this network can meet, based on your own experiences. BASE clearly fills a gap we have had at Black British Academics and it is your acorn for you to nurture and develop – with our full support – so that it will grow into a major community of its own, uniting undergraduate and graduate students within higher education institutions across the UK and become a major movement for change. I am so very proud of you."

Dr Deborah Gabriel, Founder & CEO, Black British Academics

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Dr Deborah Gabriel

Deborah Gabriel has spent the last decade as an award-winning academic, achieving recognition both for her educational practice and research. She is currently based at Bournemouth university, where she lectures across degrees in politics, advertising, public relations and marketing communications. Deborah specialises in social justice pedagogy and critical race pedagogy and her teaching is taught from a critical race/gender standpoint. She is the Founder and Director of Black British Academics and undertakes consultancy supporting institutions in enhancing race equality across academic, operational and educational practice.

2 Comments On “Welcome and congrats to the founder members of BASE”

  1. Elsa, Naomi and Ray, I join with Deborah in congratulating you on developing a much-needed initiative. Your courage and determination to cross thresholds and 'make a difference' is made more pertinent by my recent experience of an undergraduate module where a few students were missing for the first seminar, for which attendance was important for several reasons. On checking their profiles, I noted that they were mainly Black females. I reflected on the extent to which they might be 'setting themselves up for failure' by taking such a lackadaisical approach to their studies, not to mention a showing of contempt for teaching staff and their peers. Perhaps, some may have had justifiable reasons for non-attendance on that day. But, even informing the module leader in advance could have been interpreted as a show of commitment (which very few of them bothered to do). So, continue to buck the 'trend' by growing and developing this network with Deborah and others' support. Know that your actions can have a positive impact beyond that which you may even get to hear about. You are being role models for others, as you have also been inspired by role-modelling in Deborah to keep pushing those boundaries.  Wishing you all the very best, Debbi

  2. Welcome Elsa Macharia, Naomi Oti-Sampson and Ray Taiwo! It's great to see inspiring potential change makers coming on board and expanding the Black British Academics Network. It is truly refreshing and heartwarming to read about undergraduates like yourself focused on shaping a healthy future and wanting to make a significant and positive mark in UK education as you progress through your studies. Wish you all the best as you work towards growing the BASE community within global education communities. In addition to BBA and following on from inspirational Black British academics of the late 20th Century such as the late Professor Stuart Hall, Beryl Gilroy and onto current inspirers of our 21st Century such as Professor Paul Gilroy, BBA patron Professor Kevin Hylton and BBA founder Dr Deborah Gabriel, and  of course all members involved in the BBA. Keep up the inspirational work! Welcome, looking forward to further developments from BASE!   

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